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Mary Stocker


As I write this we are in the final stages of preparing for what looks to be an excellent conference in Sheffield next week.  We are delighted to see that the delegate numbers for the meeting have returned to well over 200 which is very encouraging and a tribute to the conference organising team ably led by Kim Russon and Fiona Belfield. 

One of the significant developments in day surgery this year has been the introduction of hip and knee replacement surgery on a day case basis. I am greatly looking forward to hearing from the team from Hull who are presenting their pioneering work developing day surgery total hip replacements. Later in the year (September 20th) BADS are running a joint meeting with Healthcare Conferences dedicated to day surgery arthroplasty.  Here we will hear from both the Hull and the Northumberland team about day case total hip replacements and the team in Torbay about their day case uni-chondylar knee replacements.  If you are unable to join us in Sheffield do think about coming along to this meeting in London in September. 

Another exciting initiative is the work BADS have been doing with the Model Hospital team. We have supported them in developing a day surgery tool for their model hospital data information site. This enables each trust to benchmark their own day surgery rates for all procedures within the BADS Directory of Procedures, you will be able to analyse your own trusts day case rates and unplanned admission rates by individual procedure, by surgical specialty and overall. It also ranks all the trusts nationally for each procedure in terms of day case rates enabling us to identify top performers and hence hopefully learn from areas of best practice. We hope this will be launched within the next few weeks and we will ensure that a link is available for members form our website.

Finally I am delighted to announce that our 30th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on 27th/28th June 2019.  Do put it in your diary now!  I hope to see many of you next week in Sheffield.

Mary Stocker

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